Montessori education in the three basic concepts

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Montessori education in the three basic concepts

The future needs of international talent and personality in two aspects at the same time outstanding, international education that 0-6-year-old growth is the quality of human life and to prepare mentally! There is also a traditional Chinese "three-year-old to see large, seven-year-old to see the old" words of experience. Montessori education has three basic concepts:
The concept of freedom

The practice of their own children will have all the opportunities to build children's self, and thus derived from children's spontaneous self-compliance with the rules, as well as with others and with the environment rules. Free environment for the development of children's potentials.

Love the concept of

To meet children's basic physical and psychological needs, and build children's happiness, and thus derived from the child mental health, tranquility, stability, quality of life of children growing up to the high concentration of energy in the development of the mind. 
The concept of rules

     Authority from the traditional educational awareness, build children's self-restraint, to build the spirit of the source of the child's self-confidence and ability of children to an independent physical and mental health has become the true sense of the people