The three elements of Montessori education,montessori wooden toys

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The three elements of Montessori education

Montessori's educational environment has three elements: the child, the environment and teachers. Of course children are the main role of the environment as a whole, and the environment and the teacher is to assist the children physical and mental growth and the creation of a tool for self. A knowledgeable teacher and like kind of a security arrangement for its ingenuity net, elegant and orderly learning environment, the children have contact with all the supplies to maintain a complete state. You can not find a good draw in kindergarten compulsory education, children are free, learning is happy.哈市private kindergartens in the first floor of a hall on the establishment of a large "naughty fort," all children in the garden can come here to play and, more importantly, they have to teach children how to play as a basic courses. In another private kindergartens, the exercise capacity of children's hands became a favorite children's curriculum, each child can use in their daily lives personally flour production area dim sum, the teachers also do a good job in the children's snacks re-made products, so that the children enjoy the results of their labor. Another large sun room and private kindergartens, there is also a large variety of toys, in the sense of integration and class teachers is to use a large variety of toys to complete the teaching content, and in the choice of these large toys, a lot of private kindergartens are "pay the high cost," buy the domestic and even international instruments on top.